Aim and Scope

The IJRSS journal focuses on theories, methods, and applications of Social Science and humanities research, increasing academic prosperity, and fostering international academic exchange and cooperation. This journal provides a platform for sharing the latest high-quality research concerning Social Science and humanities research.

The scope of IJRSS encompasses theoretical, methodologies, application, empirical, or policy-oriented research in the field of Social Sciences and Humanities.

The  IJRSS publishes articles, original research reports, reviews, short communication, and scientific commentaries in the fields of Social Sciences and Humanities.

Openly accessible IJRSS Journal provides wider sharing of knowledge and the acceleration of research, and is thus in the best interest of authors, and potential readers, and increases the availability, accessibility, and visibility of papers.

The  IJRSS journal publishes research papers in the fields listed below.


Anthropology covers resources relating to the scientific study of human beings, especially their origin, distribution, and behavior, as well as their physical, social, and cultural characteristics and development. This category, by definition, borrows from related resources in history, archaeology, and several other social sciences.

Business, Finance

Business, Finance covers resources primarily concerned with financial and economic correlations, accounting, financial management, investment strategies, the international monetary system, insurance, taxation, and banking.


Economics covers resources on all aspects, both theoretical and applied, of the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. These include generalist as well as specialist resources, such as political economy, agricultural economics, macroeconomics, microeconomics, econometrics, trade, and planning.

Education & Educational Research

Education & Educational Research covers resources on the full spectrum of education, from theoretical to applied, from nursery school to Ph.D. Included in this category are resources on pedagogy and methodology as well as on the history of education, reading, curriculum studies, education policy, and the sociology and economics of education, as well as the use of computers in the classroom.

Ergonomics includes resources concerned with the study of the relationship between humans and machines, particularly in a work environment. This category also covers resources on cybernetics, general systems, artificial intelligence, and systems research


Geography covers resources concerned with socio-cultural aspects of the Earth's surface emphasizing the human, economic, political, urban, and environmental issues of the discipline. The history of geography and the study of cartography are also covered in this category.


The History category in Social Science covers resources that are primarily concerned with political, social, and economic history. This category also includes history resources that focus on a particular group, country, or geographic area.


Management covers resources on management science, organization studies, strategic planning and decision-making methods, leadership studies, and total quality management.

Political Science

Political Science covers resources concerned with political studies, military studies, the electoral and legislative processes, political theory, the history of political science, comparative studies of political systems, and the interaction of politics and other areas of science and social science.

Public Administration

Public Administration covers resources concerned with the management of public enterprises, implementation of governmental decisions, the relationship between public and private sectors, public finance policy, and state bureaucracy studies.

Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary

Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary include resources with an interdisciplinary approach to the field such as studies on social sciences and computers, time and society, evaluation practice, black studies, information science and society, homosexuality studies, childhood studies, and death studies.


Sociology covers resources that focus on the study of human society, social structures, and social change as well as human behavior as it is shaped by social forces. Areas covered in this category include community studies, socio-ethnic problems, rural sociology, sociobiology, social deviance, gender studies, the sociology of law, the sociology of religion, and comparative sociology.